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But in practice, as you probably guessed, it’s more complicated. ) grounds, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot not to love about this substance. In lactating mammals (including dairy cows and nursing moms) these chemicals are stored in the milk fat, too, and are in turn absorbed by whomever consumes that milkfat, be they calf, infant, or Starbucks Venti Whole Milk Latte lover.Unless you are opposed to butter on ethical (animal product) or fat-avoidance (fat! (Infants, our littlest, most vulnerable people, have some of the highest levels of toxic burden shoved upon them because of this milk fat toxin issue.) Since butter is mostly fat, it is one of the most concentrated food sources of these bioaccumulative toxins.) and I’m sure it is not as delicious as the cultured butter some of you make from raw milk you get from a farm 14 minutes away, but it’s commercially available for a moderate price more or less nationally, so it’s good for this taste test.So, which delicious slab of saturated fat was delicious?But the specific “better” reasons for these two specialty butters tend to have a slightly different focus.Organic dairy is thought to be , including much higher levels of CLA, better Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratios and dramatically higher levels of Vitamin A and E.

Grassfed dairy cows, like grassfed beef cows, graze only on pasture and dried forage and are therefore added toxic chemicals in their diet. Fat is like the body’s savings account for building up a nice stash of terrible toxins.

Analysis of milk also allows the opportunity to investigate geographic variability, as milk is produced and distributed on a regional scale.

So, to summarize, dairy cows store many icky chemical pollutants in their fat, including their milk fat. You would do well to avoid them as much as possible.

My daughter on the appearance: “(A – grassfed butter) is more yellowy, a soft yellow. It looks harder.” (Note both butters were at the same cool room temperature.) Neither was told which butter they were tasting when they gave eyes-closed feedback.

Comments about (A) – The Grassfed Butter My daughter concluded, “I would rather have less salty (A) for longer than super salty (B) for a short period of time.” Both definitively preferred the flavor of the grassfed butter, praising a more complex and longer lasting flavor.

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