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It was a crazy scene and pretty much everything you wanted was at your fingertips. But as quickly as I made money it went back out the door on drugs and partying.

Then one night when we were partying at the main house this director used for shooting videos, him and a couple of the other "big wigs" in their operation asked me if I would be willing to do some more hardcore shit.

I did these for a while and then he asked one day if I'd want to do some full sex movies and photo shoots and showed me some of his portfolio and all things considered the chicks looked pretty hot and we were now talking more like 0-500 per day so I jumped right at the chance. We were all in the 18-22 age bracket so it was just a no responsibility show.I was so far gone into the scene at that time that I agreed and said let's do this. I did all my usual prep on my "manscaping" and where I normally do everything I can to keep myself fresh down below, this time I added the step of the diet one of the other male actors recommended and his full enema routine to completely clean me out.The worst thing on a porn set when anal is involved is having a shit accident.It came time for the scene and we were in the bedroom on a king size bed where I was fucking the girl for a while then the "repair" man came in, he joined in with me "thinking" he was just going to play jointly with my wife but then he starts licking my balls and ass and pulling out my cock from the wife's pussy and sucking on it.We go through some more motions and she is sucking him then she tells me she wants to see me suck him and this is it, the moment I took a cock in my mouth.

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