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I asked on Facebook where is a good place to rent an RV? It appears that they were pretty well booked solid.

I had a few people in my area suggest a local RV dealer. I called them, and on my first attempt I got an answering machine. Trying to figure out why a business in the 21st century doesn’t offer a live person to talk to. I wasn't able to get a quote for 2 weeks, as they didn't have anything available for that long.

The highest that we had to pay was in Williams, Arizona, at .89 a gallon, and the lowest that we had to pay was in Tucumcari, New Mexico, at .35 a gallon.

In addition to gas, campground fees, generator costs, et cetera, other costs include the random stops that you want to hit while you’re traveling.

Actually, we only used one ounce of propane, which was .

The reason we had to use that was that our refrigerator ran on propane, so that’s where that cost came into play.

The nightly rate for the summer in a standard is 9/night, and the large is 9/night.

I couldn’t imagine doing an RV trip a few summers ago when gas was north of a gallon.

Luckily, we were able to keep the set, so we brought most of the stuff home and donated the rest.

Since we didn’t cook we didn’t use a lot of propane.

I read that RVs will get anywhere from 6 miles on the gallon up to 12 miles to the gallon, so I wasn’t all that hopeful.

We put a total of 3440 miles on the RV, needing a total of 397 gallons of gas.

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