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Sprung has you meeting, flirting and hooking up as you engage in a risque, daring adventure with sexy singles at Snowbird Mountain, a hip ski resort in Colorado.

Be naughty or nice, as you have the freedom to say and try what you wish on one of two adventure paths -- one as a guy, one as a girl.

Yet it always the same scenes over and over again.....

Sayuri is a childhood friend of Haruhi's before Kotoko dies.

She moved to America when she started elementary school but transfers to Ouran's Class 1-A hoping the Host Club can help her locate a boy she met at a ball.

This game is a really good take on the non-H(japenese non sexual)date-sim. The quality is great but the sound track is a bit lacking.

im not saying it sucks but it could have been better. The graphics are pretty much drawings in different poses.

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