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After getting the sorority on board, they then presented to a corresponding “brother” fraternity.It made it much easier to onboard the fraternity members since the app already had a sufficient number of people to interest them within their geographic and social space.In the video below, the Tinder press kit image is compared to USC Kappa Kappa Gamma Tumblr photo site.There is a remarkable similarity in subject, composition, and tone between them.This article explores the strategies, tactics, and marketing materials used during Tinder’s first year.In order to gain user traction, Tinder had to overcome two core challenges: 1.The dating application Tinder achieved over 1 million monthly active users in less than a year from product launch.

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Tinder approached a sorority with the request for a group presentation.The marketing materials “coached” the usage of the tool in a way that mirrored the ways this community was using existing social image-sharing behaviors on their mobile devices.With the influencers “bought in,” the marketing team could begin to address the larger Greek-letter community on campus.The Tinder team used personal approaches at popular campus bars and events to get 10 people from that college to sign up for the app.This allowed them to control the first impression of users during later demos.

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