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- im crying i cant stand youthdew either, so maybe theres a connection there with the vintage opium that the now reformulated opium doesnt have. i cant believe i got kicked out of the oriental And every time I look at the bottle it makes me sad, even if I wear this perfume only exceptionally. One day I´ll deeply miss this excellent composition of smoky and heavy incense, piquant carnation & plenty of spices and resins. With this characteristic scent I feel myself stronger and determined.

I very it usually on days when I know I have a hard negotiation with strong business men.

Im just waiting for the day when someone in store tries to tell me that today's Opium is the same as my beloved Opium. Musky, spicy and sensual, I have been seeing some comments saying the formula has changed and it doesn't smell quite the same now, personally I didn't notice myself.I got a vintage bottle, gift from my parents for my birthday in 1994.I remember how confused they were when I requested it, not really an appropriate scent for a shy 14 year old, when everyone else at the time wore CK One.One squirt and I was instantly back in the 80's, dynasty, shoulder pads and power suits ..I think unless you are a diehard Opium fan you really could not tell it apart from a vintage bottle.

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