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Many think the rules will be relaxed again after the country’s pivotal elections on November 8.The country is set to go to the polls in what is hoped will be the first free and fair vote in decades, in a major moment for the fledgling democracy. The future is unclear, and even those who generally view it from the bottom of a pint glass are aware that there are bigger issues at stake than whether people can get a late-night drink. Sule Pagoda stands illuminated against the moving traffic in Yangon, Myanmar.There are restrictions on nightlife in the run up to the national elections on November 8, but expats in the city are taking it in their stride Put in place in May this year, apparently after an attack by a male taxi driver on a female passenger, the curfew means bars all over the city have to turf out customers and close their doors by 11pm.A ride on the Circle Train – an inexpensive, three-hour excursion around the city – offers visitors an excellent intro to one of Asia’s most fascinating cities.Plenty of cheap guest houses still exist, and, now, a good number of excellent, upscale hotels, too.” . “It’s a large, haunted and haunting area in central Burma (roughly 430 miles north of Yangon) comprising 26 square miles, with roughly 4,000 Buddhist temples dating mainly from the 9th- to 13th centuries.She says there is always somewhere to go, and most bar owners are pragmatic about the situation even though some reports suggest takings are down up to 40 per cent.This is not the first time that the government has imposed a curfew, and things have always gone back to normal eventually.

“What’s wonderful about this city is that it is not like Hong Kong or somewhere people go for an all-night party. The curfew only affects those last drinks after 11pm which no one really needs anyway, particularly on a week night.” • Foreigners embrace Burma • Money helps in Burma, but it's time and love that matter ...

It is worth visiting for its temples, historic sites, restaurants, marionette shows, etc., but also to witness the powerful presence of the Chinese and Chinese money.

Parts of Mandalay are are now dominated by nouveau-riche Chinese with business ties to the military elite. This 2-mile stretch of white sand, 230 miles west of Yangon, in southern Rakhine State, is one of the best in Southeast Asia.

Of the many places he’s visited, Burma – officially named Myanmar – is his favorite.

He’s been to Myanmar/Burma 15 or 16 times since his first visit in 1993.

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