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That saves him the trouble of having to drive to a store (especially if the nearest one is in the next town over) or the awkwardness of a bad fit and the subsequent exchange or return of the item.

Height Site suggests giving tall guys bathrobes in women's sizing-as gifts.

Pants are available in 36-58 waists with a 30-38 inseam.

Shirts range from size 1XLT-4XLT in both solid colors and prints.

Big Men is an online retailer where you can find up to a 12XLT and shoes up to size 20.

No matter what type of clothing you need, they're likely to carry it, whether it's casual, outerwear, or for work.

“They require consistency and a real commitment, to see results, just like going to the gym,” he says.

The price ranges at Brooks Brothers ranges from -0.

If you want to give a clothing item to the extra tall man in your life but you're not very familiar with his sizes, you may be able to purchase a gift card from an online retailer that specializes in tall sizes.

Founded by Andrea Williamson, Altus was born when she began to realize how challenging it was for her husband and son to find clothing that fit their tall bodies.

As an effort to prevent tall men from wearing clothing that was baggy that was typically made for the frames of big and tall men, she wanted to provide clothing that actually fit extra tall and thin men well.

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