Mandating employee

One of my employees embarrassed me at a business lunch.When it came time to pay, everyone took out either their own credit or debit cards or their company one.I would love to extend an invitation to my friends (I have no qualms about a big party – the more, the merrier) but am concerned about the possible can of worms it would open…I work in a team of five people.

But she doesn’t see why using cash a business meal or event is a faux pas or misstep.Lots of writers’ work routinely ends up published as being “from” their CEO, for example.In this case, it’s reasonable to say, “Hey, I’d really like credit for the piece I wrote, and I bet others would too — is it possible to list bylines?My boss (Julie) is newer, but she has been a great source of support and guidance as I navigate being a new parent and balance my work and family life.I would gladly invite them both, but I dread the thought of inviting the other two members of the team.

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