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From the moment we started seeing each other our relationship has been very physical.

We've never argued, although, there is a small spot of hardheadedness from the both of us sometimes.

imes and pennies from heaven are one of the signs that our deceased loved ones show us.

i was married for many yrs and i was very happy but my husband passed away and i found it very hard to move on until i met this man its been almost 6 yrs that ive lost my husband and i ve finally found love again with this man... However her career choice will not allow relationships through clients and agency staff and this was known before hand, so although the feelings were so blatent it was a touchy subject as it would result in being moved to another supervisor and thats the last thing i wanted.

She is wonderful and I know that one day we will be together. Im a taurus man dating a scorpio, I love her very much i think is the most wonderful thing that ever came on my path, likewise you know women will try to make you feel jelous but i love her still even though im too possesive and very ...

when i see her flirting with other man,overall i think she loves me,care for me i would like to show her that there are still good guys out there. its like i have known her for ever but its been two weeks.

Don't pursue her, then she'll wonder what the hell is going on ha.

Then she'll be pursuing you ;) Doing the pursuing as a scorpio woman is a lot of fun, it's give and take right?

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