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(From Warner Bros.)Veronica Mars is the ultimate in fan fulfillment.

For many fans, their relationship — through good times and really, really bad times — was and always will be the real romance at the heart of Veronica Mars. Read Full Story It's finally here, Marshmallows!When Aaron retaliates by threatening to use all of his resources to destroy Lynn's life if she leaves him, she drives to the Coronado Bridge and jumps off, to her apparent death.His wife's suicide shames Aaron so much that he retires from acting and concentrating on trying to save his disintegrating relationship with his son (although it is implied that this behavior is only an attempt to get money from Logan, whom Lynn left all of her money to).While Logan loves his mother Lynn, his relationship with his abusive father Aaron is largely hostile.Intimations of Aaron's abuse begin to emerge partway through Season One when he punishes Logan for embarrassing him by whipping him with a belt.

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    Many characters from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator have become so popular that they have already inspired fan pages, fan art and fan fiction all across the community.

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    He took over the role of host on Family Fortunes (comparable to Family Feud in the U. He played the role of Michael Rodwell in Coronation Street from 2014 to 2016.