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Al Capone, a well-known sufferer, was said to be raving and disoriented toward the end of his life, with the mental capacity of a child.During World War II, soldiers consorting with prostitutes and acquiring sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis were a huge problem.Any man who has gotten pee shy while standing next to someone else at a urinal need not read further.Any husband accused of impotence obviously had the burden of proof.

While such concepts as “irreconcilable differences” had yet to be invented, there was one grievance the courts would hear: impotence.

Around the world, humanity has a grand history of holding some rather bizarre attitudes toward sex, and whether it leads to sexual proclivity or prudishness, there are a ton of strange happenings regarding sex.

It is easy to forget just what a horrifying scourge syphilis used to be.

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