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Today, curried dishes grace nearly every Jamaican menu, using local meats such as goat, chicken and seafood.Here’s a look at the many dishes that fill Jamaican menus.You won’t find ackee for sale in the United States because it is poisonous until it’s ripe. Bun - A favorite Easter dish, bun is a spicy bread eaten with cheese. Cowcod soup – Another one of those infamous Jamaican aphrodisiacs, cowcod soup is usually sold at roadside stands and includes bananas, pepper and white rum. Cut cake – This sweet cake is made with diced coconut and ginger toffee.

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The practice of cooking the meat over the flame was started by the Arawak Indians and then later seasoned up by the Maroons.Along with the spinach-like callaloo, the soup includes pig tails or salt pork (sometimes salt beef), coconut milk, okra and plenty of spices. Pumpkin soup – Caribbean pumpkins are not large and sweet like their American counterparts, but small and a favorite soup ingredient.Red peas soup - Another one of Jamaica’s famous soups, this one is made from kidney beans, salted pig tails, beef and vegetables.Johnny cake – Sometimes called journey cakes (since you could carry them along on your journey), these cakes are actually fried or baked breads. Mannish water - This spicy soup is reportedly an aphrodisiac (along with many other Jamaican specialties).Mannish water is sometimes called power water, and is made from goats’ heads (some cooks include tripe and feet as well), garlic, scallions, cho-cho, green bananas, Scotch bonnet peppers and spinners. Often, men enjoy mannish water before drinking rum, but this item is a rarity on restaurant menus – it’s usually sold at roadside stands, along with roasted yam.

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