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Experience a city offering an exhilarating mix of a vibrant city centre and breathtaking countryside.Inspiring museums, galleries and theatres complement stunning architecture as Manchester build's on its rich industrial heritage with legendary music and club scenes, cosmopolitan shopping and myriad international restaurants.There is an array of spas to choose from for a day of luxurious pampering including Le Petit Spa in Piccadilly and The Lowry Hotel Spa whose clientele includes Jennifer Lopez and Madonna when they come to town.For intimate and fine dining visit The French Restaurant in The Midland Hotel (without doubt one of the most romantic restaurants in Manchester) which serves exquisite French cuisine with a twist of British influence Music lovers should visit Manchester in October when the City Festival features many up and coming new bands.The Imperial War Museum North is also well worth a visit for its interesting exhibitions on war with a focus on the World Wars.It includes artifacts such as soldiers' uniforms and weapons along with exhibitions on life in the trenches, life on the home front and many more.The Town Hall itself was completed in 1877 and is often used in films as a double for the Palace of Westminster where filming is banned.

If you want designers then head to King Street and New Cathedral Street where you will find names such as .

Look out for mosaics and carvings of Bees throughout the hall which symbolises the status of Manchester as being a hive of industry in the 18th century.

There are many museums and art galleries in Manchester including Manchester Museum, housed in an impressive 19th century building which features one of the largest exhibitions on Ancient Egypt as well as archeology, botany and live animals.

A church has stood on the site since the 11th century and has been redeveloped over hundreds of years to make it what it is today.

It features ornate memorials and beautiful decoration including medieval wood carvings inside.

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