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But if they’re part of the unique snowflake that makes her her, that’s a really bad sign.

She loves you; she hates you; you’re the only one for her; maybe it’s not working out.

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t give my time as generously to reading emails from people I don’t already know, and I tend to hit the delete button more often. We may share a few things in common, particularly an interest in snapping photos and a degree of intellectual snobbery.

The same is true for emails I get from people on online dating sites. As always, an example speaks volume, so here is one that caught my attention immediately: “Hmmm. Let’s swap photos; or trade barbs; or just have a cup of joe.” There are several reasons this email caught my attention.

Someone who is there for you when you need emotional support, and someone whom you can always keep happy and smiling. Second, there are grammatical errors all over the email!

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Confronting you about your communications isn’t necessarily crazy, but tampering with them is.

As it so happens, the response rates and people who've matched are strongly correlated as shown below. Discussion The data certainly has profound implications.

Given the first graph, you'd expect for people to reply with the same fervor to other users regardless of race, right? Even black males respond markedly less to black females.

For a more detailed explanation see the link at the bottom, otherwise, please follow along. Shown here, black females, followed by Native American females, generally respond to their male counterparts more than any other ethnicity.

Like with every dating website there's a compatibility component where users are matched based on a set of ongoing questions that reveal the users' values, interests, beliefs, and so on. Basically, users are more likely to respond to their matches. Additionally, white males receive the most responses.

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