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Just a little over a month to be exact but, hey why wait?! What is Blind Dating about: A hilarious comedy about Danny (Chris Pine), an intelligent, confident, handsome young man who also happens to be blind.

Not that he’s letting that hold him back — for the most part, Danny refuses to let his visual impairment get in the way of anything.

Nothing that would indicate he was involved in anything shady. She's never been in legal trouble beyond a speeding ticket. That meant he'd have to venture down to talk to the tech geeks. The young man had been escorting a witness to interrogation. Di Nozzo tackled him with perfect form, taking him to the ground. Worth, Allentown to San Antonio, and Miami to Chicago. It's the only one that's close enough for him to have driven to by now. He works the at the pharmacy." "Isn't that interesting. She wasn't a suicidal teenager or a barely literate woman trying to keep a record of her life. I went to college blind and this idiot thinks he can mess with my designs because he can see and I can't. I gues it doesn't matter, since I always catch his interference, but I'm really getting tired of having to triple check my work." Tony continued to read dictating softly into the headset. He was afraid - and no, torture couldn't make him say it out loud - that if Gibbs got hurt, they'd forget to tell him. He misjudged the doorway by a few centimeters, grazing his arm. You're mercenary when it comes to that." "Had to learn something from my father, didn't I? He knew on some level that Gibbs didn't approve of Daddy Di Nozzo, but he'd never really said anything to confirm it before. I want to yell at him for hurting the best thing in his life." "That was my mother. Suze and I set up extra meals for just that occasion. I hate having projects hanging over my head." "Okay. Gibbs blinked awake about an hour later when Tony yelped and woke.

He was written up twice in his first couple years for minor infractions. Probably give Mc Gee a run for his money." "You think she's a hacker? It's possible." "Find out." "Right, boss." Tony grimaced at the assignment. "Im still running searches, but right now, they're coming out clean." Gibbs grunted. After reviewing the tapes of his injury, she couldn't help but be impressed. For some reason, the witness had bolted, moving instantly from witness to suspect. Or maybe Gibbs was being good to his word and trying to treat him normally. "His mom has a brother who just happens to be posted in Quantico. It wasn't the first time he'd had to do it, but this time was a lot more interesting. Can you believe he actually thinks I'm stupid just because I can't see him? He couldn't be with Gibbs in the field and hadn't been for six months. "I'm not dating Suzie." "That's because it's a business deal. Because sometimes I want to drive up to New York, grab him and shake him for throwing away all the love and compassion that flows out of you. " "I mean, that when you start sleeping at your desk, I'll be back to living on take out." "Nah, check out the freezer. Gibbs tightened his grip automatically and the younger man settled with a sigh.

I'll clean up." Tony listened to Balboa gathering up the trash. I never expected to see you out of the field." "Trust me, I'd rather be out there. But that's beyond the point even Gibbs can push." "So, what's it like sharing a place with him? He was aware of someone watching him in the bathroom. He wasn't sure what she'd want from him, so he took his PDA with him to take notes. The memory of her didn't hurt as much as it used to, but it was still enough to dampen his mood further. "She'll be with you in a moment, Agent Di Nozzo," the director's assistant said loudly. I can still hear you perfectly well," he said bluntly. He guided Di Nozzo's arm to rest across his shoulders for support. We're going to the hospital." "Not gonna make it that far." Tony'd collapsed into Gibbs arms then. Mallard sent me up to check on you." "So you followed me to the men's room? He finished up his brushing his teeth and went back to his desk. Hell, he'd walked down these stairs backwards more than once to talk to Kate. "Sort of dizzy, boss." Gibbs put an arm around the young man's waist. He still felt the need to lay out his clothes the night before. Abs and I set up the equipment last night." "You know, you could try going out on dates instead of staying at the office." "Tony," Mc Gee let his frustration leak into his voice. " Tony said, voice carrying easily across the bullpen. New person caught a glimpse of the charges and tipped the nod to the MP's. Gibbs never interrupted him in the middle of something like this. I wondered how long it would take." Pleased that he'd finally gotten Tony smiling, Tim grinned. He wasn't as good at it as Gibbs was, but Tony was better at reading people than Tim was. They were in early so that Tony could orient himself with some privacy. "Hey, Di Nozzo, welcome back." Tony lifted a hand at the hail. "As the resident closet case, you can tell me," Tony said. They called for an outside perspective." "What else came across that didn't catch you fancy?

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