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If your child is an infant she may be experiencing some form of postpartum depression which is causing her to act out.

In a calm loving way tell her you are confused and explain what you did, what you learned and how you’re feeling. It’s hard for me to fully offer advice without all the details: how long you’ve been together, how old each of you are, how old is your child?

My name is Matt Ludwig, and I will be your current FAQ writer of the day. 2) I love you so much I just wanna punch you in your face!

Now I received this game from my parents for Christmas, and noticed there was only one

1) I'm totally messing with you 2) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: Oh my god Becky, why are you always doing that to me!?

and why we're gonna conquer this mountain together.

| ------------------------------- Brett: We're finally here!

4) Use Item (Choose 3) Brett: Yeah, and you're gonna rock this mountain like a mother - Erica: Hey, Becky! Did you know that girls that read books are much more knowledgeable in the ways of intimacy? Brett: Why does Erica always act so weird around me?

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As your child grows, he or she is learning what relationships are about from you. If your girlfriend would be willing it sounds like counseling would help both of you.=============================================================================== UPDATE HISTORY =============================================================================== Version .94 02/01/05 -New Month, More Work -Finished "Becky's Cine-dream! Version .93 01/31/05 -Finished "A Snowbird Shopping Spree" of Becky's story. Version .92 01/29/05 -Finished "Southern Comfort" of Becky's Story. Version .76 01/19/05 Hands still in much pain lol ^_^ -Finished a level of Brett's story. And as if that's not bad enough, you had to walk in on it. -Finished "Ex-Boyfriend roadblock" of Becky's Story. -A 7KB increase lol Version .91 01/27/05 -Dumble Dee. -Redid layout Version .50 01/17/05 Ahh.hands are killing me from typing so much, I am trying to include every little detail. -FAQ is coming along, I plan to do a table of contents soon. Good riddance 2) If I ever see him again, I'm gonna cut his legs off! I read a different volume of the encyclopedia every day! -Finished second Scene of Becky's story -Started Brett's story -Finished First scene of Brett's story Version .25 01/10/05 -Start FAQ -Added Update History -Added Introduction -Added walkthrough(incomplete) -Added Copyright -Added a little of becky's part -Added Thanks -Added Contact 0123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678 =============================================================================== INTRODUCTION =============================================================================== Well hello there! 1) It's not all that weird that we've known each other so long.

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