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For example, search for #Hoot Chat on Twitter to see how our regular Twitter chats work.

We’ve rounded up a few more social marketing ones you can check out: 7 Twitter Chats Social Media Marketers Need to Follow.

That means you need a clear vision of what you want to accomplish to have any hope of success.

Here are some possible aims: Find existing chats relevant to your industry.

Before delving into the benefits of Twitter chats, it’s worth reminding yourself what makes Twitter such an important social network for businesses by reading some of our posts covering who uses Twitter and how businesses can succeed with it: A Twitter chat is more than just a fun event for you and your followers.

From a business perspective, a Twitter chat is a golden opportunity to connect with and engage your customers in a meaningful way.

In both cases, you set a date and time, choose a topic or theme, promote it to your audience, and then host a live, public discussion anyone can contribute to.On Twitter, hashtags rule supreme as the easiest way to find content.Twitter chats make good use of hashtags to drive people to them and build an audience.On the web, Twitter chats are similar to forum Q&As (e.g.a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session), which involve people visiting a forum thread at a particular time to chat to the host.

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