He says im too accomadating

However, we observed that she started to walk very late.

We also realised she was only blabbering for a long time- no meaningful combination of words were forth-coming even at age three. She is still unable to talk - only muttering some unintelligible sounds.

Michael can walk but only a little and over the years anything i a needed for michael has come from charities.

I needed a powered chair for Michael as he was getting so big to push, we like to take him with us for walks as he loves being out.

This is the story of a very tormented father (and mother) who, on daily basis, helplessly watches his child that he loves with a great passion go through such intense suffering and humiliations. But my spirit has been unusually high since I have been visiting your site and seeing your positive impacts in the lives of hitherto hopeless people all over the world.

I sincerely hope you will extend your kindness to young Favour so that she can start to live a worthy and meaningful life.

Moreover, there are many things she is still unable to do herself.

For instance, she cannot hold anything, feed by herself, run around like her peers (her doctor says she has a poor gait) or focus her attention on anything or anyone for long. According to the doctor's diagnosis, my daughter is suffering from autism and cerebral palsy.

Michael is now 15 years old, he cannot talk or cry like other children he is not able to use sign language which makes it so much harder to no when he is in pain or ill.I have taken her to some of the best medical facilities in Nigeria in the past years but her situation seems to further deteriorate.I went as far as contacting a hospital in London but up to this moment, I have not been able meet up with the financial requirement.She was born with extra fingers and toes and nodules on her tongue.She also was breathing very rapidly and at times didnt breathe at all and then would try to play catch up.

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