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Just look for the space between platforms 9 and 10 and snap selfies galore.The station is also home to the Harry Potter Shop where you can buy robes, wands, and other Hogwarts swag.Studios London is home to many of the sets and artifacts that quite literally made the magic happen.Kings Cross Station In the films, this is where Harry and Co. But in fact, it's a real train station in London that has set up a scene similar to how it looks in the film for all fans to enjoy.Piccadilly Circus Essentially the Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus is home to the best of London theater and many other tourist attractions.It’s also where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are seen nearly getting hit by a double-decker bus in Alnwick Castle Dating back to 1096, Alnwick Castle is undoubtedly familiar to any Harry Potter fan.Her birthday had fallen on a weekend this year and she was quite pleased.When she returned to her bed she noticed a vase of roses on her end table, "That elf with the sock on his foot left them there," Lavender said.

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This is a big chapter so there probably won't be more updates today but there will be soon. There's a few parts that might have questions so I'll post an addendum at the end of the chapter just to explain.Enjoy an 84-mile round trip cruise throughout Britain while sipping high tea and artisan cheeses.If checking out these spots on your own seems a bit overwhelming, you might opt for a Harry Potter–themed walking tour, where everything is already planned and organized for you.This 19th-century Victorian town home with winding staircases and corridors is home to an array of luxurious suites and rooms.In the well-known, upscale Chelsea neighborhood, this boutique hotel is easily accessible from London’s Underground and bus as well.

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