Gpgnet keeps updating in vista

Because the game developer should care himself about essential fixes and game enhancements.Making/leaving a game moddable to save support is a sad deal anyhow...Ok, not really much but at least accidently clicks on the pet have been stopped widely, instead of teleporting home to the stash it teleports now to the party, the 'Boar-Army' reaches now a more useful size (since scrub boars spawn absuoltely arbitrarily on the map, sometimes 10 only, somtimes 40) and visual buff effects optionally fade-out after a few seconds.This partially also for personal reasons, because even buffing a moderate boar-army with its AI-load would probably kill my old PC otherwise.

I only mod what I play so I can enjoy my mods thats mainly the reason i put in that line just to stick out my tounge./ There are some other wired and experimental things, unfortunately i just was too lame to write a detailed readme-summary. Sometimes modding itself is playing already, isn't it!?But indeed if modding is considered as private bug fixing then i also would say i only fix what i play - if at all.Technically it was interesting to take a look into this game however.There is no flick (used) anymore, a lot of thwe GUI is realizwed by Action Script/SWF, [aspect] dropped wiedely in partial exchange for a powerful [visual] component, (sadly) Granny/GR2 was used instead of ASP models - interesting however, from a DS modding perspective, was the extensive usage of 'fuel' request to collect any kind of data (I must try this out once with DS2).

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