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However, I guess some people are too giving and that can get tiresome.

It seems it works for both humans and other animals, that they most appreciate the person who gives intermittently.

Are men going to complain their way into telling women that they should not care about money?

Are women going to shame men into only having sex if, and only if, marriage is in the future? This is why looking internally about what you can do differently is SO much more effective than complaining that the world is not the way you want it to be.

And while I might be prone to over-the-top birthday fiestas for my wife, that’s not really the best measure of our love.

I grew up in a family where my Mom made big deal about every holiday. They don’t want people making a big fuss about their birthdays and they don’t want to make a big fuss about yours.

When this passing of care, love, and intimate feelings are interrupted in some way a great deal of hurt can follow.

Hurt that can be greatly squelched if only the question of why was answered.

First, how should you handle the situation when it first happens? Etiquette tomes all say the same thing, there is only one thing to do when someone says no thank you and that's to accept its return without confrontation or making any sort of a grand ballyhoo.

Your emotions may rise and you might even be slightly shocked or put off.

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