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The fire chief pulled me aside on my very first day on the job to give me a piece of advice.He said, “Listen kid: you are going to get a lot of advice over the next few years from these guys.You don’t want that.” Then he whispered to me in confidence, “Look at Brian over there; he didn’t find one, so alcohol found him. That’s why we call him ‘Flush’; it’s after the poker hand and what he’s doing with his life—flushing it down the toilet. ” I nodded in complete understanding and asked, “What did you find? For reasons I could never figure out, I was never very successful with the ladies.

In fiction, however, it's perfectly okay to bet in a game of chance.I felt a little disheartened at where my life had gone in the ‘romance’ department, but there were worse things in the world.It didn’t take long for me to figure out that a lot of people are not at all who they say they are, and I was quick to learn how to weed them out from the honest ones.Most often the card game is poker, but theoretically any form of game that allows The Bet would work. Compare the Bachelor Auction, which is consensual on the "traded" person's part.Cherry the Cheerleader Chapter 1 No one grows up to have the exact life they had imagined for themselves as a kid.

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