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If we accept these activities as "okay to play" then we are choosing to perpetuate the negative stereotypes that exisit in our profession.

The second recommendation would be to join some Twitter chats so you can learn a little more about what quality physical education looks like.We need to be assessing the "learning" that is taking place in our classes, not just getting kids "red-faced and sweaty." The keeping kids "busy, happy, good" philososphy is NOT good enough anymore.Administrators can easily replace PE teachers and programs whose goal is to keep kids moving with "games" with activity directors at a much cheaper cost.I am surprised and discouraged that this article is on Edutopia. Dodgeball or any "human target" games are not an appropriate practice in physical education.Here is the national organization's position statement - "They understand that running in PE results in a better grade..." Grading fitness levels or run times is also an inappropriate practice.

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    Noble Story (talk) , 25 April 2008 (UTC) Support - as good as Tim Duncan, even with less background info.