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At one point in the film, actor Tyler Posey mispronounces the name of Russian-American author Ayn Rand, in reference to her novel The Fountainhead.

System" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mac played wingman and said he saw a spider, causing them to watch the movie on Dennis' bed which led to sex. He then proceeded to Engage Physically - by taking her on a cheap date to a closed restaurant with the backup plan of pizza and a movie. Demonstrate Value - Dennis pretended to purchase medications for his ill grandmother from Caylee.He leaves but runs into Mac in the entryway, who is about to perform his own system on Caylee: Move in After Completion (ie. Frank then shows up, urging Mac to hurry so he can get to his system - picking up the "scraps" after Dennis and Mac. The Waitress enters her apartment to find Charlie taking apart her garbage disposal and trying to put hair in it. Dennis demands that he must have his chance to "re-D. He was attempting to Demonstrate Value by secretly breaking her disposal then coming back later to fix it for her. Charlie complains the system isn't working for him and Dee complains that Ben isn't afraid of her independence.

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