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I was taking all kinds of courses online: besides the web stuff, I learned some Spanish, taught myself sound recording, took courses about online marketing and advertising, and more.

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"In particular, the evidence was uncontradicted that these words are in common use at the high school, the venue in which the relationship existed, and in which [the defendant's] pointed communications about his feelings were sent."The court also rejected the Attorney General's contention that the teenager had illegally threatened the girl in one of the text messages.In that text, the boy pledged to "kill half the school ill load everyone with bullets and then shoot myself in the head right in front of u just to show u how much u pushed me." The court noted that the message did not actually threaten any physical harm on the girl, who was specifically spared in the imagined scenario."god i waited to kiss u for a fuckin month its been two weeks ur kissing ppl [Sh.’s] friends try to cuddle with me and i push them off ur all i think about i do drugs now because of u because u r constantly hurting me i told u i cheating on u cause i didnt want to hide things from u i could have and i could have been happy but no," the message continued.The defendant has already served a sentence requiring him to write a 500-word essay on the Columbine shootings. Some of them were business ideas, some were lists of employable skills I had, others were names of people I loved, or things I was grateful for. The point was to start exercising my creative muscles again. Every morning for the first month of being unemployed I made lists of ideas.

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