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We are in a new era of car safety: The focus has shifted from reducing death and injury in a vehicle collision to preventing a crash from happening in the first place.Safety features designed to avoid accidents are becoming increasingly common in new cars…The Internal Revenue Service announced this week that taxpayers could prepay their 2018 property taxes only if they have already received a tax assessment from their local government and they make payment by the end of the year…he federal government typically spends up to 0,000 apiece — not counting utilities, maintenance or labor — on the trailers it leases to disaster victims, then auctions them at cut-rate prices after 18 months of use or the first sign of minor damage…We are tired of hearing lame excuses that under-achievement is caused by uncaring parents who do not emphasize the importance of education.

Leaders in both major political parties are talking about wage stagnation, and how to address it….Two days later, the local paper reportedly placed the following headline on Page 6, “Wright Brothers Home for Christmas.” The most important story of the year - man’s first flight — and the editor missed it. If you get this, here’s the beautiful guarantee - in the hustle and bustle of the holiday - you won’t miss Christmas 2017.As a local pastor, my biggest fear for you is that you’ll miss Christmas this year. have to complete my shopping list, attend two more parties, make our annual pilgrimage to Candy Cane Lane, bake, and…” That’s right. Because of Christ’s incarnation, sinless life, substitutionary death for you and me, and glorious resurrection; we can replace our fear of death with a strong assurance that death is not final (John ); that it frees us from all physical pain and anguish (Revelation 2:1-4), and that it will someday be destroyed (1 Corinthians -55). Someone once said, “You’re not truly ready to live until you’re truly ready to die.“ The good news is that by placing your trust in the risen Christ you can be. Environmentalists have reached an agreement with Antero Treatment that calls for monitoring for radioactivity and bromide around its landfill in northern West Virginia that takes the waste from recycled groundwater used in hydraulic fracturing for natural gas….You really never know how things are going to play out.The Friday before the opening day of buck season for 2017 was the day I learned the property where my kids and I have hunted for the past 15 years would not be available….

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