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I was ready to turn off the monitor, when a pop-up came up, a link saying “Webcam”, nothing else. Now it was slamming itself into the door with full force. 1140 words | 3 minute read Internet chat rooms can be full of weird people, so when you meet someone sensible, you head straight for them like an island in the middle of the vast ocean.

Clicking it mindlessly it took me to a deviant art page named ‘webcamman’. Except creeps also know this, and the smarter ones can take advantage of this phenomenon.2325 words | 8 minute read It’s not just text chatrooms where you find the weirdos.

Imagine you open up a new tab and instead of a web page, you see your webcam. Imagine you’re startled and then read someone say, “No I don’t think he even knows.

We got to find this guy and warn him somehow.” Imagine someone replies, “Guys I’m seriously freaking out. ” And then imagine seeing this message directed at you:1550 words | 6 minute read Everyone has that one ex, right?

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Your doyenne La Cieca (pictured, obviously) invites you to join her for a special holiday weekend treat this afternoon.

Starting at noon ET your doyenne will hostess a group viewing of opera videos on the web app Rabbit.

The one who sends you drunken texts, and tries to act casual but doesn’t pull it off?

You usually ignore those, but after a year of this harassment, the writer was sick of it.

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