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Chatobook is a chatbot that uses Facebook Messenger to connect with a restaurants’ customers and answer any questions that has to do with the restaurant at anytime of the day.The restaurants’ bot can take reservations, show off menus and promotions to customers, and collect feedback without additional manpower or platforms.Chats with potential clients are automatically analyzed by the chatbot to extract essential information and allow faster conversions from potential clients.One of chatbots’ many appeals to businesses is their ability to integrate with existing messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or Whats App.Below, we've compiled a list of chatbot examples and chatbot uses currently in place.

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Health Joy set out to inform employees of their benefits and claims so that employers can reduce healthcare costs.It talks about your mental health and wellness from brief daily conversations about what’s going on in the user’s life and how they are feeling that day.Woebot also sends useful videos and other tools depending on your mood and needs at the moment.All the recent chatter about chatbot ideas is not exclusive to just one industry, as they have been customized for many uses and tailored to various businesses.Chatbot uses typically fall into research, lead generation, customer service, content distribution, or affiliate marketing, all of which can look very different in various industries.

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