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The beautiful mountain property that would become Evergreen Memorial Park was originally purchased as a private park in 1965 by Ron and Carol Lewis.

Ron and Carol committed the 100-acre site as a tribute to the pioneers of Evergreen and the Old West.

(Shoei) to charter a total of eleven 18,000 TEU vessels, which include the six units of the same capacity announced by Evergreen Marine Corp. The charter parties were signed by EMC's Chairman Mr. Evergreen adopts the most advanced shipbuilding technologies and cooperates with Shoei to build the new generation ultra-large containerships.

The ship measurements are about 400 meters in length and about 59 meters wide.

The vessels are designed to have lager depth to strengthen hull structure and navigation safety.With a horse-drawn hearse and a pine coffin decorated with a hand-carved wooden gun on the lid, history was indeed relived the day he was laid to rest.On a cold, blustery January morning Edward Steele and his procession of family members and lifelong friends made their way through the Garden of the Pioneers.Evergreen has taken this investment decision to introduce 18,000 TEU vessels based on market demand and the capacity requirement for joint service.Current service cooperation arrangements with its alliance partners will enable Evergreen to efficiently utilise the capacity and garner the potential economic benefits represented by larger vessels.

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