Eunji and seo in guk dating

Seo In Guk called Jung Eun Ji and asked, “Where are you? If you’re done, let’s meet up,” but Jung Eun Ji answered, “No, I don’t have any makeup on right now.shouldn’t be considering a name change from Girl’s Generation to Taken Ladies Era or something like that.I really hope she'd have a drama this year where she is the main lead. It won't happen, but I just hope :( I hope you'll comeback with an even stronger character and drama this year: D i enjoyed all of the dramas that you played especially Reply 1997&Cheer Up and i can definitely say you are one of the best actresses i've ever seen on-screen. currently watching TWTB, saw her, and was wondering who she was. anyway, i havent seen any of her other dramas, but i she definitely suits characters that has a bit rough but actually soft personality just like on TWTB .She's a really great actress and she have great chemistry with other actors. She's just so natural and she's beautiful, very down to earth person. Not one of the best among idol-actresses but among actresses in general. ;) I just hope that you can reply with our comments her though you are busy .. i dont think she fits girly fashionista crybaby roles Unnie i love you so much reply me 1997 was the first drama i have eber seen and i didnt use to listen to kpop but after i heard the song i became a fan of kpop music i wish to know the type of your mobile :-D :-D ^_^ i like to know the types of mobile phones as i want to buy a new one Unnie I love you. Your voice, appearance, personality and acting is just daebak for me!!She's my one and only bias and because of her I knew Apink. Sometimes she's stern or strict but that does not make her less friendly. There are only four idol-actress who i can really love as actresses with big talents and those are you, Sooyoung GG, IU and Uee. : D Wish I will see you in lots more dramas and variety shows!But she's still the best, she doesn't act all cute 'cause she's already real and naturally beautiful. eun ji is a wonderful contrast of a person who despite fame and honors, could still remain humble and friendly. Seeing Eunji makes me wonder how can this person have such a warm-hearted and sparkling personality. Shouldn't she be snobbish, selfish and vain as most artists are. May God bless your everyday life:) and oh,i hope Apink comebacks with a stronger album this year(Love LUV, No No No and Remember I love very much and I love your leading role in cheer up you are good you are kindhearted,cheerful and most of all you are beautiful and very good at singing,dancing and acting you are the best and hope to see you in other korea movies. : D I'd be in sooooo much happiness if you'd release your own solo song! You're always my ultimate idol~~ Jung Eunji Fighting!!Eun Ji Won said “It actually feels like there’s something going on between them in real life.

You should date him." Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk star in the popular tv N weekend drama "Respond 1997." The drama is about a love story in the 1990's and it is grabbing the audience's attention with their reminiscence and invocations of nostalgia.The connection reportedly developed thanks to fellow SNSD member Yuri, who is good friends with Sunny and also got to know Seo In Guk after filming the youth swimming moviewith him.She introduced the two and the rest happened naturally, with rumors of this new couple gaining steam after Sunny was spotted at a Seoul hospital multiple times last month tending to an injured Seo In Guk who was there for treatment. Eun Ji Won’s observation on Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji revealed on tv N’s Taxi. Seo In Guk and Eun Ji took some photos together during break.

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