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Short Bytes: Wondering which is the best operating system for ethical hacking and pen testing purposes?

Trying to solve this problem, Fossbytes has prepared a list of the most efficient Linux distros for hacking purposes that you need to check out in 2017.

Now Kali Linux is based on a rolling release model Download Kali Linux Debian-based Parrot Security OS is developed by Frozenbox’s team.

The OS uses Kali repos for updating its tools, but it has its own dedicated repo for storing the custom packets.Compared to others, Parrot Security OS promises a lightweight OS that is highly efficient.Along with its plethora of legally recognized tools, you also get the opportunity to work and surf anonymously.To install darktable on your system, run you ever want to go back it might be hard.Be sure to have all the build dependencies installed. If you don’t have it already, install git from your distribution’s repositories.

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