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This tool allowed me to reset the drive to its full capacity, sans DDO. I have a 160GB drive that was previously full of all my data, but is now appearing unformatted to windows XP SP2, and as 33GB to the BIOS.

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Dmitry I was always led to believe that the reason a drive is set at the capacity you buy (200gig), was because this is the reliable test size for the drive. Hello Bill, I am not a big SCSI guru, but SCSI hard drives have the possibility to reduce the capacity when they are being “low-level formatted”.So, your 300 GB hard drive will show up in Windows as a 279 GB hard drive.Motherboard can create a so-called “Host protected area” on your hard drive to store its data.Also, sometimes a damaged Master Boot Record may cause the BIOS and/or the Operating System to misdetect the true hard drive capacity. We’ve came up with a freeware tool that handles LBA48 mode setting as well as HPA and DCO features.In this case you would need to use a zero-fill tool. It does everything automatically: it extracts the factory capacity; then it restores the factory LBA48, HPA and DCO settings. Supported OS: 32-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/2003 All you have to do is to run it and click “Restore Capacity”. Update May 24, 2008: Many people ask if this this tool formats the hard drive and/or erases the data.

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