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I agree with Aiona it has lemongrass fragrance and lemongrass remind me of summer. In my opinion this is purely spring day and hot summer fragrance and it will perform better when there will be heat. I love vetiver fragrances, from the clean and green to the dark and dirties, and everything in between.

While you may not receive (m)any unsolicited compliments while wearing this one, you will smell fantastic and offend absolutely no one.

This unisex fragrance pairs vetiver with Mediterranean citrus and spice, for a warm, sensual and sophisticated aroma.

The top notes consist of ginger, mandarin and bergamot. Original Vetiver was created by Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation. To me it smells like the beginning of a perfume rather than the completed work. ) Originality: 0/10 Longevity: 4 hours Sillage: arm’s length Second Creed that I have reviewed.

People will just assume you have the best smelling skin, hair and pheromones..will linger longer while in your presence.

I also love Mugler Cologne (great office and casual scent) but, to me, Original Vetiver is just a bit more elegant and can be used as an evening fragrance as well.

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