Elite dating service complaints

I warn others considering Xulon not to publish with them.After being invited to participate in a writing contest with the winner receiving "FREE Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package (valued at , 754) and a professionally-crafted press release to announce their win to the media, to bookstores, and on Xulon Press’ website, " and spending several hours editing my submission, I discovered at the end of the entry process that they wanted to complete the submission! If every hopeful sends they can surely rack up a nice purse on this one!According to their rep., they were in the process of hiring more staff.However, we have major disagreements about royalties and the retail price of my book.

And that we trust Him more to know that He is ultimately in control. I have kept a positive attitude and TRUST they would be up front, honest and match their hype. I can't find the words to describe how unbelievably disgusted, disappointed and frustrated I am. Among all Book Publishing companies, I chose Xulon press because it's a Christian Publishing company.

To file a complaint with Fed Ex, you will need to contact the Customer Support team.

You can get in touch with them by writing to: Fed Ex Customer Relations Department, 3875 Airways, Module H3, Department 4634, Memphis, TN, 38116.

I am surprise they consider themselves to be a Christian company, with such horrific practices.

They lure you in offering giant discounts and free books only to over charge you and then discount the outrageous price.

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