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Trucks are currently hauling away boats and people are packing in preparation for leaving.Houses in the Keys stand at sea level, with parts of the main road to the Florida mainland going dangerously low.Federal funding will therefore be available for emergency measures including evacuations and coastal fortifications.Four other storms have had winds that strong in the overall Atlantic region, but they have been in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico where the usually warmer waters fuel tropical cyclones.

With the surges we're expecting this is not the place to be.' Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay, meanwhile, said: 'This storm is a killer. We are going to get it, just don't know if it is a partial or a head on strike. It's still unclear where the storm will turn once it gets closer to the U. The US Navy has already ordered the evacuation of 5,000 of its sailors, contractors and civilian workers from Naval Air Station Key West.Scientists started picking up background noise from the storm on their earthquake-detecting seismometers as Irma strengthened into a Category 5 storm yesterday.Winds causing trees to move and crashing ocean waves caused by Irma is what made it possible for the earthquake detectors to pick up the storm.Walt Disney World Resort said it allows for customers to cancel or reschedule their holidays if there is a hurricane warning but the company told the Orlando Sentinel the policy 'does not apply to certain special events or dining experiences'.Universal Orlando Resort, meanwhile, is operating normal but keeping an eye on weather reports.

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