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The ECR is preferred by many for conversations because of its isolation from the rest of KGS.Because there are few users who use the room, chances are, a troll seeking to cause havoc will not target the ECR due to its reputation as a "dead" room, and will go to the EGR instead.

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The reason the playing room didn't work was because it tried to move the central, important, heavy thing, (namely, playing and discussing Go), to another room people weren't in by default and maybe didn't even know about.

My computer's been broken recently (and before that I got a job, so less free time to play on KGS anyway), so maybe the chatter in the English Room got really bad or something, but I never found it annoying.

Patrick B: Our hypothesis was that no one was playing in the playing room because there were already so many games in the English Room and so many people looking for games in there.

But the ECR is very alive, if you stick around, you will find that only the best of the best topics survive in such a quiet room.

To see the history or the huge discussion about the ECR, see the wall of text below.

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