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Lucy Melford Yes, yes, I do agree that it's a screed fit to put off most human beings, let alone the average tasty geezer or tender lesbian lady! But you can see that I've cleverly avoided mentioning the killer words 'trans' and 'nearly sixty'.I'm not dishonest, though, because pointing the reader towards my blog will instantly confront them with the stark reality that I'm not a natal woman, and that I'm not young either. I spend too much on them, but I get an awful lot of pleasure from having them. She cost an awful lot to buy, she's rather expensive to run, but my satisfaction from her is huge and likely to last for a very long time to come. And if you buy wisely, each new item will find friends already there in your wardrobe, and the number of outfit permutations will increase.While on holiday, and in the days immediately following, I bought seven items that filled gaps in my wardrobe.Like the night out I'm having at a local restaurant next week with two (maybe three) natal girls. It's not to everyone's taste - hence the big sale discount - but I can't help liking it as a fun thing to wear.As often happens, sleeping on an intriguing idea brings you down to earth next day.That talk, for instance, of liking art and cultural pursuits, is blatantly elitist and highbrow, and will put off most guys. The truth is, I've been responding to natural social pressures.There's nothing wrong with my hair stylist (or anyone else) being interested in my lovelife, or my attempts to set up one, but actually I don't have to do anything at all about it, and certainly not create situations simply for ongoing discussion.

I said in yesterday's post that I'd get onto all this after my caravan holiday, but actually I couldn't resist making a start straight away, with a little research into dating websites, and putting together a short description of myself to go with a photo when registering.

Even so, as a description intended to provoke a Fatal Attraction, it's a colossal failure.

Only a die-hard challenge-taker would give me a go.

And do you know, I'm sure that - subconsciously - that's how I want it to be.

My instinct is to be offputting, to make it hard to fancy me, to keep most people at arm's length.

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