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A week ago today, I returned from what was supposed to be the last stop on the You Are Next tour with Sean Beaudoin, Martha Brockenbrough, and Kevin Emerson.It started with upgrades to first class on Virgin America–because hey, it was the last leg! You know you want to listen to it while you read this post.) Here’s a look at the stuff in between: First, we spoke at Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

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The writers of this blog will be back soon, telling you more about the desolate state of the Cruquisweg-region three months after.The old car repair shop at Cruquiusweg 86 having been abandonned in 2008, it was squatted in March 2010, while waiting for renovations that never came.The struggle with the City Council started with something as banal and innocuous as a barbecue in July 2011.–where they served us steaks on a plane (the funniest flying food joke ever), and ended at the baggage claim at Seattle Tacoma International Airport where we went our separate ways. Here are two men and a (totally adorable) baby (who I might be related to) next to one of our posters.There was also a massive one in the front window, which we forgot to photograph.

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