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The Bad and the Ugly-Grew up with an abusive stepfather.-Slept with Carly when she was dating his best friend Jason.-Various tragedies that befell his son, Michael, because of him - including getting shot, falling into a coma and being sent to jail for murder.-Shot his own son, Dante.-Cheated on Olivia with Ava Jerome in a crypt.-Shot AJ Quartermaine and lied about it to Michael.I first spotted the gray a couple of months before my 30th birthday–three or four strands glistening on my left temple.“I think it’s a bit of a slap in the face of the overpumped Abercrombie- or Hollister-wearing guy,” says Daniel Peddle, another prominent fashion-industry casting scout, who, like his friend Weir, is gay.The silver fox, Peddle says, is a “more normal, not exaggerated, masculinity.

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You've done the most things you planned for this holidays.Instead of being written off as “old,” these silver foxes are defiantly rewriting the rules governing men and age -- part of the larger cultural backlash against everything from wrinkles to death.Both Wendy and David have also engaged in numerous consulting projects and developed training workshops for corporate clients on topics ranging from: social media and web analytics, social media brand tracking, to predictive analytics.They were just a physical fact, something to which I grew indifferent, like the birthmark on my right forearm or the little moles elsewhere on my body.I have dozens of those babies, and they don’t make me less attractive, do they?

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