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Howard said he thinks there's something psychologically going on with Scott. Howard read some notes about autism and said it seems like JD might be Autistic. He said he wants to come back in so he can see how good he looks. Erik was going off on Vinnie and calling him names before he spit on the camera. Howard said he gets himself into trouble with the law and never learns his lesson.

Robin said he never makes a decision on his own so he can be the one to criticize. Howard did more of his Scott impression and goofed on him about his shorts. He said he should call up Triumph the insult comic dog and ask for some of that autism money. He said he's still on his diet and he can't eat anything and he can't keep anything down. Howard asked if this is unrelated to the operation. He said they're going to remove his appendix today or tomorrow. Howard said it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Howard said don't be fooled into thinking this show is interesting. He said there are billions of other not so interesting moments on the show. Shuli said he had a toilet in his apartment but no walls around it.

Howard said he got a note from Adam Carolla and he wrote to say he's been listening and the show has been funny. Drew is devastated about what he said about him on the air. Erik said they told him they have to remove his appendicitis. Howard said when your appendix is fucked up they call it appendicitis. Howard said that the tax payers have put about half a million dollars into Erik so far. Gary said that Erik isn't paying for anything so he just takes all of these tests. Shuli said he had lost close to 20 pounds from the week before they weighed him. Howard said this is Erik on his feed and he's so cranky that he's yelling at that Lawyer dude. Howard said he has to be there to broadcast and he doesn't want to do it. Erik said when Vinnie went on vacation he unplugged all of the cameras in his apartment. Howard and Shuli were playing the parts of Vinnie and Erik arguing. He said he watches gay porn with a klan hood on and that's it.

Howard said that was a great way to ruin his vacation. Drew sent him a gift and it was a bunch of shitty MAD Magazines from his mom's basement. Howard said it was a sweet thing to do but he went off on the whole thing. He said that Drew thinks he was wrong for sending them. Howard said he just doesn't like gifts with spider eggs in them. Erik asked if he can come in next week to show how good he looks. Erik said he wishes he could have had all of that stuff at Thanksgiving. Howard said you can lose a ton from just cutting out some of the stuff he was eating. Howard said Erik got so pissed he spit on the camera. Howard said the Unabomber had more space than Erik does. Shuli was doing his impression and telling Howard about the subtleties of the way he talks. Howard said when he's feeling better and gets his shit together then he can come in. Howard said he doesn't want him stressing out and threatening him.

Gary asked if Scott is invited to Daytona if he can go. Howard played a song parody about Scott after that. Howard said Scott would have been in there the rest of the show but he missed that Thursday show. Howard said he can go back to his Periscope for his 57 fans. Howard thanked Scott for coming in but said he isn't part of this panel today. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break after that. He said he was feeling kind of down until he heard that. Howard and the guys asked him about dying and why he's so freaked out by it. Robin said the air flow lowers carbon dioxide levels and that helps with sleep. Gary said they didn't know then what they know now.

Howard said most of his crisis' happen during show hours. Howard said Scott was having a good time until Ronnie's buddies from NASCAR showed up. He said they were invited to that party because Scott set it all up. Shuli said he heard about another party that Ronnie was invited to but then no one was there. Shuli said Scott wanted to watch from the pits but Ronnie said you can't see anything from there. He said he has to stop with the phone and the vape. He said they got to the airport and he wasn't able to get his boarding pass out of his phone because it blew up. Ronnie said that Scott was asking about breakfast and he's not a breakfast person. Ronnie said Shuli has a list of things that he has complaints about.He said that it's Brother's Cafe and there are 2 tables inside and 2 out and it's a grocery store. Howard said Brent did think he could work at a Mc Donald's. Robin had some audio of the Mayor talking about the serial killer. He said he passed a law that said strippers had to stay 6 feet away from you in strip clubs. Robin asked if the late night wars are going to heat up now. Robin said Stephen Colbert is still in the lead and Jimmy Fallon is struggling to stay in second because Jimmy Kimmel is on a charge. He said maybe the late night hosts will put out hits on each other. He said the ratings aren't everywhere like they used to be. Robin said she made a complaint on Monday and it was so overwhelmingly evident that the fired Matt on Tuesday. Robin said Megyn Kelly may take over for Matt since they spent so much money for her. Robin said when Matt was in there they were all so happy to be together and it's awful to have people you like being exposed as people who aren't always appropriate. Howard said they have many pictures hanging up in their compound. Howard said if you have 7 women come forward and they seem credible then there's enough there to not want him in the government. The caller also mentioned the Matt Lauer thing and how they should wait to see if he's guilty or not before taking down his picture. He had him saying he was going to stick it in Robin's ass. Howard said he knows women who have been assaulted and never told anyone. The caller said she's not saying it didn't happen but she doesn't get why a woman wouldn't stand up for herself. Robin read a story about a serious bug in the latest Mac OS. Howard said it didn't appear he was coloring his hair either. Robin read a story about the Supreme Court hearing a case about collecting data on wireless companies. Robin read more about this case and told Howard how it ended up in the Supreme Court. Howard said you know you're not in a good restaurant. Robin said people are more likely to overeat if they see a menu with pictures of food on it. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around am.Scott said it was Google that told him it was a restaurant. Robin said the guy was trying to get a loan and he left his gun in a bag with a co-worker at Mc Donald's. She said the guy seemed weird so they looked in his bag. He said the strip clubs just ignore the law though. Howard said that Al Roker isn't doing anything over there. He said they'll call it Al and the Gals if they replace Matt with Al. Robin said Andy Cohen back in 2012 asked Katie Couric what Matt's most annoying habit was. Robin said that Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb made the announcement this morning that he was fired. Howard said he doesn't get the separation of church and state either. Howard took a call from Ralph who said he knows Robin is doing her Christmas album and he thinks she should do Mariah Carey's ''All I Want for Christmas.'' Robin said it's on the list. Robin read a story about North Korea firing a new missile saying that it can reach all of the mainland. Howard said they should hang pictures of guys like that in the hall. Howard took a call from a fake Trump who tried to do some funny stuff by saying they're sending the slant a bomb. Robin read more about this North Korea thing and said that they're saying that they pose a great risk to us and other countries. Robin said that this thing can lift 1000 times its own weight. Howard said that Ronnie the Robot is going to replace Matt Lauer. Robin said it allows access to the computer without a password. Howard said he found a woman who was never sexually assaulted. Robin read a story about the big tax bill moving to the floor of the senate. Howard said he wants to acknowledge why he's called a bunch of the guys (Ronnie, Shuli, Brent, The Lump, Gary, JD and Sal) into the studio this morning.Howard said he wants to congratulate them on the overwhelming support for their dynamic debut on their Thursday before the break. Ronnie said he asked Scott how many people were watching and he had 56.

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