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Not only does she have to cope with the loss of her husband, but also the fact that thousands of scammers out there are passing her husband's photos all over the Internet in an attempt to scam people. NOTE: Some names have been changed to protect this in-progress scambait, mainly the scammer's real name. On with the old faithful "art company" introduction. Obo, Thank you very much for your very interesting email, however I am afraid that I will be unable to help you at this time.These next three months are by far the busiest and most profitable period for my company and I cannot give any time to anything other than finding new artwork for our galleries especially wooden carvings.I want God to be merciful to me and accept my sou L.

We run eight art galleries and two scholarship centres here in the UK.This time it's a repentant dying man, wanting to distribute his millions to charity.Of course, were someone to reply to this email wanting to help, the victim would have course pay fictitious "fees" to a fake barrister that the scammer would hire to handle the cash transfer.For some reason I had it in my head that VNDB's birthday was on the first of October, but then I noticed v21531.3 and I just had to verify it. SCAMMER NAME: Ony Obo SCAMMER LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria SCAMBAITER: Shiver Metimbers For a slight change, we have a scammer trying to ply his trade via a different routine.

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