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When you want to have a second date with literally woman you’ve been on a date with, I’m left thinking that you’ve set the bar for a second date so low that you could trip over it. What you’re describing as “being ignored” is “women going about their daily lives”, which, remarkably, doesn’t revolve around you or your boner.If you mean “women don’t make the first move,” then you’re missing a critical factor: a lot of guys react to women who flaunt or invert gender roles.

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Despite all of this, I have only ever had one 5-month relationship when I was 16. I’ve found it very very difficult to get dates at a regular frequency, so in that time I’ve been on only 20 dates.

And despite spending the last 11 years trying to find a girlfriend, I haven’t had a single one, and – to add insult to injury – I’m still a virgin! Of those, I felt the vast majority went well – I do have social skills after all – and I expressed interest in a second date for 17 or 18 of the women…

This is why it’s a good idea to make your first date a pre-date date – basically, meeting for fifteen or twenty minutes for coffee to establish whether or not it’s worth going on a .

And while, yes, we are dealing with the consequences of the paradox of choice when it comes to dating, that’s something that affects men and women.

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