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The stimuli then disappear and participants must identify an attentional probe (e.g., the letter ) that is presented in the same location as the non-threat stimulus.

In this way, ABM is designed to train individuals to disengage their attention from negative stimuli and facilitate attention toward neutral or positive stimuli.

Specifically, the error-related negativity (ERN) is a negative deflection in the event-related potential (ERP) that peaks at frontocentral sites approximately 50 ms following the commission of an error (Hajcak, ).

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A little human intervention (the most important thing of all) ensures that the job is done fairly and well, ultimately ensuring that.Fifty-nine participants completed a single-session of ABM and a flanker task to elicit the ERN—in counterbalanced order (i.e., ABM-before vs. Results indicated that the ERN was smaller (i.e., less negative) among individuals who completed ABM-before relative to those who completed ABM-after.Furthermore, greater attentional disengagement from negative stimuli during ABM was associated with a smaller ERN among ABM-before and ABM-after participants.Focusing on neural biomarkers rather than symptoms of heterogeneous disorders is also consistent with the Research Domain Criteria (RDo C) approach (Insel et al., ), which aims to understand core biobehavioral dimensions that are common across several disorders.Indeed, both attention bias to threat and the ERN are included in the sustained threat domain of the RDo C matrix (NIMH, ).

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