Dating olathe

When she died she was 4 but weighed only 14 1/2 pounds.Read more Harrison was stung by wasps while his family was visiting church friends.Unfortunately Ishmael's parents belonged to the Church of the First Born, which believes in prayer instead of medicine.Read more Allyson contracted a disease that is medically treatable.Read more & more He got sick around Christmas, and his parents prayed.

Read more & more Though they had ,600 available, their parents believed the money "belonged to God" and refused to spend it on food.Some religious sects engage in beliefs or practices that go far beyond the norm, and are dangerous to the health or well-being of their own members. Read more about religious fundamentalism Here are 2,370 people who were harmed by someone not thinking critically. They withheld medical care for his abdominal tumor until grew larger than a volleyball.Caught early, this type of tumor is curable 90% of the time. Read more Her parents knew she was sick, and prayed for her. They never called for medical assistance until she was already dead. Read more Complications during birth can be dealt with, provided medical practitioners are present.They prayed over the boy but did not seek medical help because they believe doctors practice witchcraft.When an EMT was called 7 hours later, the boy was beyond help.

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