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If the thermometer is a data logger with a min/max display, it should have a reset button.The unit should be capable of accuracy within /- 0.5°C ( /- 1°F).This area is commonly closer to the motor of the unit and the temperature is different from that in the body of the refrigerator.

Please refer to page 24 of the "Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit" available at https://gov/vaccines/hcp/admin/storage/toolkit/This prevents contamination of the vaccines should the other products spill and reduces the likelihood of medication errors."CDC recommends the use of bins, baskets, or some other type of uncovered containers that allow for organization and air circulation for vaccines and diluents within the storage unit.Storage in any boxes or bins can help maintain temperature longer, especially if power is lost.Perforated bins may allow for better air circulation around the vaccine, thus helping to maintain correct temperature.CDC does not have a specific recommendation for brands of containers or bins for storage of vaccine.

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