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He's been frustratingly inconsistent these last two outings.

I had no trouble deciphering the performance level of the surrounding cast, as they all came to play.

President Hamid Karzai's name is mispronounced by Ben Kingsley who is playing him.

Should be Haamed not Hameed which is a different name even though both names are transcribed in the same way as Hamid from Pashto they are written differently in Arabic. You beacon of composure and proportionate response, you bringer of calm and goodness to the world...

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And there are a handful of scenes where you'd think someone is just reading him his lines off-screen.What do you do when the war you're fighting just can't possibly be won in any meaningful sense?Well, obviously, you sack the guy not winning it and you bring in some other guy.Amasa found that, rather than helping his business reputation, his brother’s efforts were hurting him, and he severed business relations with Elias. The latter did receive awards for his patent, but never for his manufactured machines.Because of their brief association, the 1862 prize medal awarded to A. When the two brothers dissolved their joint venture, Elias attempted to call his new company the Howe Sewing Machine Co.

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