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(see Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns, 1995 at Now, the only final remaining debate with regards to genetic differences in intelligence between different population groups or races is all but over.The differences are real, and the races differ in average intelligence.First, science requires several simple rules and procedures: Parsimony or using simple explanations over the incredulous machinations of facts and figures; meta-analyses to make complicated correlations between variables by combining many independent and confounding studies; and the theory must be falsifiable.[2],[3] Racist America fails all three.But the flaws only begin with these basic scientific errors.Throughout this book, it is apparent that Feagin is trying as hard as he can to be divisive without really being very clear about the groups who are to be reviled.He includes in his "people of color" category: Asians, Asian Indians, North African Caucasians, Amerindians, Semites, and even Latinos.Today, those who once attacked sociobiology no longer have any scientific standing; the debate is over (see Defenders of the Truth: The Battle for Science in the Sociobiology Debate and Beyond, 2000 ).

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Throughout the book, it is always "White men" who are the oppressors, as if the White women were some other species or race.

In fact, the hate portrayed against Whites in this book was just a tad less ludicrous than Malcolm X's The End of White Racism, where Whites are portrayed as beasts with tails and all, no better than dogs. The very fact that Whites are so accepting of any and all races today, unlike in the past, poses a great threat to these Marxists.

So why would the current President of the American Sociological Association take on such a bold indictment of a single race of people?

Because these Marxists feel betrayed by the very people they have sponsored, primarily through massive immigration into the United States after passage of the 1965 immigration act.

What has occurred since then is in fact more friction between these different racial or ethnic groups.

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