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This technique is also called "recombinant DNA" or "genetic engineering." These genes are selected as they can confer or increase particular characteristics in recipient species.

A 2014 USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) report (pg.

One of the civisms of GM seeds is their cost to farmers, according to the ERS report (pg. Net gains were not always ensured through cultivation of GM crops and depended on many other factors they further note (pg.

20) The use of GMOs remains hotly debated around the world.

But instead the turmoil in the nation means its tourist industry is experiencing the worst summer since the early 1990s.

Terrorism and political instability has triggered an unprecedented switch away from Turkey.

Many GMOs are produced with resistance against diseases caused by different agents. 2), there has been a 110 fold increase in GMOs between 1996 to 2016. Other countries that grow GMOs commercially are Bolivia, Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Honduras, Chile, Portugal, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

These statistics can help in making more informed decisions about food a family consumes.The market leader from the UK and Germany to Turkey is Thomas Cook.It revealed that it had cut capacity to Turkey by 40 per cent, leading to a £100m reduction in revenue between April and June this year.However, the outcome could be even worse if many prospective tourists are deterred by the attempted coup on 14-15 July and the government crackdown since then.A state of emergency was declared on 21 July and is expected to prevail for three months, coinciding with the end of the tourist season.

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