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That guy should really think about getting a new nickname.While, admittedly, heading into the woods for an intense, simulated war game may not seem like a great idea for a first date, paintball provides a fun way for people to connect through working together and achieving a common goal.As unsexy as a night at a town council meeting might sound, you can always head out for drinks afterwards to discuss the hot button issues of your community, like what the zoning requirements would be to bring an inflatable boob moon bounce to your municipality.Hollywood makes it seem so effortless for people to find love.Yeah, hooking up and getting to the first date got way easier in the past few years, thanks (and sometimes no thanks) to apps. So when it works, it feels more like a tenth date than a first. But one thing never got easier, and maybe even got harder: what to do once you get there. But if not, I suggest the bar at a casual Italian joint. ”), which would allow you both to gloss over the fact that there's no connection. If you return to the same place for all your first dates, someone—the bartender, a waiter—is onto you.

The only downside is getting some small talk in with your partner while that guy Pancake is strapped to your back.

Local government meetings are long, dry, boring, and not exactly an aphrodisiac.

They are, however, a way for you and your like-minded date to bond over your shared values and passion your community.

” sounds like the creepiest pickup line in the world.

If you and your date have a shared interest (read: obsession) in a specific fandom, a convention is a fun way to bond over your common geekiness.

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